Kidical mass 1030 is the first kidical mass group in Brussels. It started in 2020 shortly during and after the first lockdown, with more than 70 participants. Main goal is to share the fun of biking (in group) and get more kids and adults on the bike. 
The organisation is a mix of benevol citizens (Leticia, Thierry and Fulya) and supporting local organisations like Gracq and 1030/0. In 2021 Kidical Mass 1030 got supported by Bruxelles Mobilité to developpe a common graphical chart for all the Brussels Kidical groups, help new starting groups and buy a Kidical pimped cargobike with soundsystem to share with other kidical groups in the Brussels region. 
Every month: The Kidical Mass in Schaerbeek is every last Sunday of the month. 
Meeting point : It always starts and ends in the Josaphatpark in front of the mini-golf (Avenue Van Vollenhovenlaan).
Departure is at 17:00 and duration in mostly one hour. 
Parcours : Since we have a lot of starting little cyclist, we do max 5 km parcours. 
For our parcours we select places kids would like to bike to like : parcs, playgrounds, schools, new cycling roads,… 
Calendar Kidical Mass in Schaerbeek in 2022: 
Dimache I Zondag  I  27 Mars I Maart 2022 - 17:00
Dimache I Zondag  I  24 Avril I April 2022  - 17:00
Dimache I Zondag  I 29 Mai I Mei 2022  - 17:00
Dimache I Zondag  I  26 Juin I Juni 2022  - 17:00
Dimache I Zondag  I  28 Août I Augustus 2022  - 17:00
Dimache I Zondag  I  25 Septembre I September 2022  - 16:00
Dimache I Zondag  I  30 Octobre I Oktober 2022  - 16:00

Want to help us secure crossing points or with online communication ? 
Let us know !  or 0495 81 27 95

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